Baking Tip #3 - How to measure flour

The amount of flour added when baking is absolutely crucial and can be the difference between a light, airy cake and a dry, crumby final product. Therefore measuring flour accurately is of utmost importance.
The best way to measure flour is by using a kitchen scale, this undoubtedly gives the most accurate measurement.

If you do not own a kitchen scale, you may use a measuring cup but follow the tips below. Flour, like brown sugar, packs tightly when stored. Therefore if you scoop the measuring cup directly into the flour, you can easily scoop out double the amount of required flour resulting in a dry and crumby cake.

Steps to follow when measuring flour using a measuring cup:
1. Before measuring the flour, fluff up the flour by mixing it with a whisk or knife to loosen it.
2. Using a spoon, spoon the flour into the measuring cup.
3. Using a knife, level the excess flour.

Therefore instead of scooping the measuring cup into the flour and leveling, rather spoon the flour into the measuring cup and level, this will make a phenomenal difference to the end product.

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